Created: Tuesday, 17 February 2004 Written by Max Gross
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Americans! Love 'em or leave "em! Or, should I paraphrase coup leader George W Bush: the rest of the world is either WITH America or WITH the "terrorists"?

What, no third way, Mr Presidense? Yeah, I know, too complicated, right? Too bad. America might still be on speaking terms with more than just a handful of near bankrupt former Eastern Bloc colonies and shameless lapdogs like the UK and Australia.

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If o­nly Bush and his cronies followed’s quaint “etiquette” guide, and I quote:

“All too often people state their opinion in such an absolute manner that it’s seen as fact rather than opinion. I know this is basic, but it’s the cause of most of the personal issues anywhere. Try to be considerate of your audience and remind them that it’s just your opinion”.

Brilliant, mate! I laughed like a drain.

Well, by now most Americans have joined the rest of the real world in realising that Bush and his neo-CONmen spread a pack of outright lies about the danger Saddam Hussein posed to the world. And they certainly don’twant y'all to know just how deeply involved the good old USA was in nurturing nasty little Saddam in his cradle.

Yes - gasp! he really DID gas thousands of Kurds, Iranians etc etc... but oh, at the time, he was o­n OUR side so we didn't complain!

Just ask Rumsfeld: he paid a friendly courtesy call and didn’t mind the corpses o­ne little bit).). In fact, ask Bush and co about their coy relationship with the corrupt Saudi "royal" family (More like THE Family, as in La Famiglia, Arab-style. Oh, and then there’s the Bush/Bin Laden family connection.

Come o­n, folks, you know how to research the Net… you’ll find it all out there. Want a real "war o­n terrorism": start with your incumbents. Now THERE’S a bag of pretzels for a fella to choke o­n!

Bush alert editAnyhoo, no sooner did Bush’s sacred and solemn mission get all complicated and unaccomplished - and the Iraqi tar baby threaten George Jnr's place o­n the comfy cushion in the White House - all sorts of new, improved justifications for invading Iraq came gushing from the Oval Orifice (But Kerry? Hey, he TOO backed the invasion, so he's no angel!).

Look guys, if Saddam was such a bad man, what made him so special as opposed to all the other "baddies" out there? And just how many former dictators live comfortably in retirement in the USA anyway?! Anyone out there for a hit o­n, say, Pinochet?

Hmm, and how DID all that American oil get under the Iraqi desert?!

Come o­n, folks, shake it and wake it: you've been swindled yet again by these neoconmen!

And after bullying, bugging, bribing and bullshitting its way into an illegal war that nobody in their right minds could justify, NOW Bush and co want help from NATO and the UN?!

If it wasn't for the long-suffering Iraqis themselves (in all their crazy diversity!), I'd say; USA, you broke it, you fix it.

And what's more: you can pay for it yourself too! But somehow, I reckon the Iraqis will figure things out for themselves and clean Bush’s mess up for him, leaving him free to mess up the USA, o­nce and for. If YOU let him.

This was Max Gross for where free speech is up for bloody grabs, where the beer is cold and the chips are down!

No “etiquette”,, just democracy at play! And yes, folks, this fucking time it IS personal!