Created: Wednesday, 25 October 2006 Written by Der Williekopf
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Deviant Iranian President Madmanahmed is at it again. Not content with threatening Israel with annihilation, or denying the Holocaust, he now wants his people to out-populate the free peoples of the West with Iranian babies.

“I see that nowadays there aren’t many babies being born in Europe or the US,” said the Iranian tyrant in Tehran on Tuesday,
“Maybe we can flood the world with our babies and overwhelm them!”

He also linked this to the Iranian nuclear programme:
“Our ingenious scientists are actively working on ways for our women to have more babies, and the means they can support them with. For instance they have developed a technique to use our nuclear technology to create mutants that can feed the new children.”

Is this one of Iran's mutant Mamas?

It is well known that the most popular pastime in Iran is smoking dope. This combined with the green-light from the Mad Mullahs to copulate could unleash a human tidal wave that will swallow us whole.

And given that 80% of Iran’s population is between 15-25 years old it will be a veritable fuckfest!

Iranian temptress offering her body for President Madmanahmed.

This loony leader Madmanahmed is a threat to us all. How are we going to win this war on terror when we have the enemy coming up with crazy schemes like this?

We must respond in kind.

Women, open your legs. I want to save civilisation.

Der Williekopf