Created: Wednesday, 10 November 2004 Written by Pigsnail
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The latest American war crime is underway as US forces storm Fallujah and accompanying Iraqi soldiers desert in their hundreds. Inside the city that dared defy an invading army of American crusaders and its puppet PM Allawi's "interim government", tens of thousands of innocent civilians await their fate. That raving old madman US defence secretary Rumsfuck says ''You can't have a country if you have a safe haven for people who chop people's heads off. These folks are determined. They're killers. They chop people's heads off. They're getting money from around the world. They're getting recruits''.

In case you missed it: "... They chop people's heads off"!

And the USA, owner of most of the world's worst WMD and with the world's wealthiest, most powerful military machine, does WHAT, exactly, when it bombs and strafes and "precision strikes" Iraqi cities full of civilians?

The outcome of this is bloody obvious: more innocent Iraqi lives lost and ruined, increased opposition to both the US presence and its aims, and more, much more "terrorism".

And, by the fucking way, if Bush really has made the world safer from terrorism by invading Iraq, how come it's become harder in the US to get insurance cover against terrorist acts?

Sheee-it! The US defied the world to invade Iraq. It's absolutely critical for the future of all civil and civilised nations to now unite and defy the US in its aims for global domination.

All I want for Christmas is Bush, Cheney, Rumsfuck and co in jail!

Or at the very least THEIR heads chopped off...