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Created: Thursday, 04 November 2004 Written by Patriot
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One thing the election victories prove is that the silent majority of Australia and the US are right behind President Bush and PM Howard’s War on Terror.
And it shows, once again, that the loud-mouthed minority that is the terrorist-appeasing "Peace" movement are totally out of step with what the majority want.

So what next? Well I'm sure Osama and his dwindling band of henchmen are quaking in their boots now that their attempt to get flip-flopper Kerry elected backfired. They can be sure that they will be hunted down and destroyed by the Coalition of the Willing. As for the terrorists and their sympathisers in Iraq; the same fate awaits.

The UN must now get on board and back Bush in fighting the scourge of terrorism. And one way to demonstrate that is to demand Iran back down from their nuclear weapons. No ifs or buts. And if they don’t the Mad Mullahs of Tehran must be made to realise that they will face their own destruction. Next, Syria must be made to renounce their support of terrorism or its Baathist regime will face the same fate as their brother in arms Saddam. Finally, with the hopeful demise of Yasser Arafat, the security of Israel and the Palestinians can now be addressed without fear or favour.

Thank God for men like George W Bush and John W Howard; truly they are a gift from God for us as they stand up clear and strong against evil and for our freedom!