U.S. Mission Accomplished: Cut and Run!

Created: Monday, 19 April 2004 Written by Max
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What part of the phrase "possible plane hijackings" didn’t U.S. Presidork Bush and his greedy band of buggers understand?While Condi and co. were scratching their pointy widdle heads over intelligence warnings of Al Qaeda’s desire to hijack planes within the U.S., reports from FBI field offices warned that “suspicious Middle Eastern” men were attending flight schools around the country.

Hmm, too complicated for Dubya’s shrewd team of neo-con “advisors” to put that fatal puzzle together? Before Osama's Saudi terrorists crashed civilian airliners into key U.S. buildings - and after witnessing the deadly bombing of the USS Cole, the vicious Kenya blasts, etc, etc - the Bush League received repeated warnings re Al Qaeda's intentions from a variety of sources.

But still those shonky shysters shrugged it all off because they had a hard-on for limp-dick Saddam and AAAALLLL that Iraqi oil, mmm, yummy, yummy!

And hasn’t the awful bloody offal hit the fan since Dumbya’s little mission fuckomplished charade and plastic turkey Christmas pantomime! Red, red whine!

But with mainstream U.S. media too sycophantic, parochial and pussy-whipped to point out the big fucking elephant sitting in the middle of the room, don't expect much to change ... Not yet!

I mean, what’s a thinking person to make of that glossy toilet paper TIME magazine? Are they serious printing a redundant headline like DOES BUSH HAVE A CREDIBILITY GAP? Jesus, Joseph and Mary Jane Rottencrotch! The spoiled arrogant prick spends half his time piss-farting around o­n his ranch in Crawlford, pardner! and prefers jogging to doing his job! And given the snowballing stuff-ups both domestically in the U.S. and out in the REAL world, maybe that's just as well!

But like Oz PM Germ Howard - that vile virus infecting the Australian body politic – the Titular Texan o­nly hears what he WANTS to hear!

It’s incredible that hoodwinked and screwed Joe Public hasn’t stormed the White House to tar and feather those neo-con crooks and run ‘em out of out of town o­n a rail, y’all!

Is it possible that average Dumericans are just as stupid, ignorant and distracted as Bush takes them for? What IS that about? Too much Letterman? Too many Big Mucks? Not enough fresh fruit for rotting vegetables? And this from a nation that created the glory and magic of jazz AND the three-chord wonder of rock’n’roll?! Gobsmacked sam-I-am!

The public record now clearly shows that Bush’s gang of thieves WERE warned about PLANE HIJACKINGS inside the USA and they didn't do a fucking thing to address - at the very least - say, AIRPORT SECURITY!!!

OK, so there was nothing “specific” enough about THOSE planes flying into the World Trade Phallus or the Pentacunt, but I mean HIJACKINGS, for dogsake! Wouldn’t that stir a fucking dead wombat into a sprint for tighter security measures?!

As for Condy - that arrogant bitch and sorry excuse for a black woman slurping her way through a white man’s world - just WHAT is her job again? National security??! Foreign policy??! How about her expertise in missing the whole fucking plot, from the demise of the Berlin Wall and the implosion of the Soviet Union, to the explosion of Yugoslavia! I read somewhere that Condi – a supposed expert in the field – didn’t come near predicting these historic global events (Neither did the CIA, for that matter!) And now THIS fucken shitstorm... CON-daleeza get down, girl, what the hell were you thinking!

And meanwhile (but NOT back o­n the ranch in Crawlford, Texarse), a spokesman for the Iraqi oil ministry has announced that U.S. conglomerate ExxonMobil has acquired o­ne-third of the offer in its second purchase in a month of oil from the Kirkuk fields.

Other companies, snatching up o­ne million barrels each , Spain's Repsol YPF and Cepsa, Hellenic Petroleum from Greece and Tupras of Turkey.

Previous oil "auction" winners were Royal Dutch/Shell, France's Total, Eni of Italy, Spain’s Repsol YPF (again, so HEY, why pull-out now?!), and again Hellenic Petroleum and Tupras, each grabbing o­ne million barrels (Interestingly, no US firm was successful until the latest auction by the so-called "Governing Council").

And what of that tail-wagging U.S. lapdog Downunder, where the mean and tricky Mini-Me-too neo-con Prime Minister Germ Howard has totally politicised the federal public service, the Defence Forces, and intelligence services?

Australia's crippled democracy is floundering like a chook in a shithouse cesspit.

With the virulent little Johnny Germ in the lead, our nobbled nation has wandered even further down that very dark, very narrow, and very, very nasty back road the nation stumbled upon back in 1996 . Never ever, Johnny Germ? It sure is going to be a long trek back to civilisation.

But hey Bruce! it could be worse: imagine being o­ne of those 20,000 poor bastard G.I.'s in Iraq who thought they were going home but have been ordered by deranged Defence Sickretary Rummy to hang around for another "ninety days" of joyful appreciation by liberated Iraqis.

This was Max Gross for Xenox News - pondering imponderables, pandering to pundits, and pending another piss – sighing off (Yep, I do mean SIGHING!).

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