Al Sadr: Agent of Tehran?

Created: Wednesday, 07 April 2004 Written by Patriot
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The latest unrest in Iraq may seem puzzling at first. Why would the Shiite's be anti-coalition? They are the one's who most embraced the brave forces of the US, UK, and Australia as they marched up the Euphrates valley to liberate them and overthrow the tyrant Saddam. They are one's who have received the greatest gifts of freedom from President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair.
But look behind the bluster of the group that is leading the attacks against the Coalition and you will see that they represent only a tiny fraction of Iraq's Shiites. Are they in fact being directed by the hand of the Mullahs of Tehran?!?
That's right. Who has the most to fear of a free, democratic, open for business Iraq?

Iran's tyrannical regime!

They know that once their population gets a whiff of the freedom the Iraqis are enjoying then it will be the beginning of the end for them. Too long the dictatorial leaders of Iran have oppressed their young people! They know they are sick of their stuffy theocracy and desire more freedom and an open dynamic capitalist society.

Loser lefties scoffed at president Bush's Axis of evil but now it is becoming all too apparent that Iran are sponsoring terrorism not only by Hizbollah but also with Al Sadr's murderous thugs in Baghdad.

The ageing Ayatollahs of Tehran need to get a message loud and clear that if they don't want to be on the losing side in the GWOT they better start sticking their nose out of other countries business. And they better cease and desist from their evil activities in trying to develop nuclear weapons. For as the great leaders of the world Bush, Blair and Howard have shown already, they will not tolerate threats from illegal terrorist regimes.

For the mad Mullahs of Iran's tottering regime time is ticking. They will be held responsible for their actions.