Mrs Bush speaks out about the War in Iraq

Tuesday, 01 April 2003 By YUGO
Mrs GW Bush expressed her opinions today about the War in Iraq and reveals her true nature.... George Bush came out of the closet today revealing that it's time to stop masquerading as a male. "I just felt so butch all the time! I couldn't stand it any longer", she says. Wanting to come clean with the American people and show the softer side of her persona, Mrs Dubya revealed her distaste for all things military and her compassionate concern for the plight of the people in Iraq. "Those poor dears. You know it would all be allright if they just came down to the river with me and were baptised." After being asked why she kept her true sex hidden she replied, "Did you think that a woman would get elected President? I hope that I will one day be compared with the likes of Pope Joan and Aunty Jack and be remembered as a martyr to the cause of the feminist movement."
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