War update

Created: Saturday, 08 March 2003 Written by Correspondent
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Blix declares they cannot find any weapons of mass destruction, that Iraq are fully co-operating, that the AL Samuud missiles are being destroyed, chemical weapons destroyed. Nuclear weapons chief inspector states there are no traces of a nuclear weapons program. Blix suggested that the disarmament process will not take years, not weeks, but a few months.

The US have reponded with the same line: Iraq are refusing to co-operate with disarmament of their weapons of mass destruction. They propose to invade in ten day times.

A spokesman for France suggested "We don't start wars according to a time table." Nuclear weapons expert suggests that the biggest threat to the US from nuclear attack would be first, North Korea, second Iran, and Iraq way down the list. The point appears to be that Iraq has very few 'weapons of mass destruction'. Nor did Iraq appear to have any involvement in 'the Two Towers'.

Yet, US are adamant to decalre war on Iraq and take over the Iraq regime. The reasons for this are still a little unclear....