Created: Friday, 28 February 2003 Written by Patriot
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The Middle East is on the brink of a new “velvet” revolution. The time for despots, dictators, and oppressive regimes is no more. The liberation of Iraq by President George Bush and his coalition of the willing will be the dawn of a new age of freedom and democracy for the downtrodden people of that region. By freeing Iraq of its evil leader, the US is sending a message to the Arab peoples that they can have freedom and democracy. And that the US and other freedom-loving countries will support them in their struggle. The US has always provided a firm base for democratic government in the countries they have liberated over the years. Japan, Germany, and France, just to name a few, have benefited from the legacy of US occupation with democracy enshrined in their constitutions. And now by giving the Iraqi people the means to elect their own leader a powerful message will be heard by the oppressed. As Jose Ramos Horta said, “East Timor wouldn’t be free without the worlds great leaders like PM Howard and President Bush, let us give the people of Iraq the same chance."
Saddam as shown himself to be a cruel and brutal dictator, an accumulator of weapons of mass destruction, and a harbourer of terrorists. I ask the people who have been opposing President Bush’s crusade for freedom to think again. It is no time for shilly shallying, for waiting for compliance with UN resoulutions. The people of Iraq are crying out to be freed, and we should not stop them.
Support the US led liberation, and let’s give peace a real chance!