Fo'ma' SAS soldia' cha'ged ova' East Timo' incident

Saturday, 22 February 2003 By YUGO
An Australian soldia' accused uh kickin' de co'pse uh an East Timo'ese militiaman gots'ta been cha'ged, de a'my said today. Slap mah fro!

De cha'ge follows some damn long Australian Defence Fo'ce (ADF) investigation into allegations uh misconduct by Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) troops durin' operations in East Timo' in Octoba' 1999.

A'my Chief Lieutenant General Peta' Leahy said dat investigation wuz nea'in' completion an' furtha' details could not be revealed. Word!
"In de meantime, Ah' kin confirm dat one serviceman gots'ta been cha'ged with misconduct with rega'd t' co'pses, in dat he kicked some damn body. Slap mah fro! Cuz uh de nature uh his service he cannot be named at dis time," he said in some damn statement.

De ADF would not reveal whetha' de cha'ged soldia' wuz some damn present o' fo'ma' memba' uh de SAS.

Defence gots'ta also refused t' comment on claims dat militia captives wuz summa'ily 'esecuted. Word!

De incident unda' investigation allegedly occurred on Octoba' 6, 1999, as Australian troops, suppo'ted by de SASR, occupied da damn town uh Suai in de western bo'da' region uh East Timo' durin' de INTERFET operation. 'S coo', bro.

Dey captured some damn la'ge group uh militia. Sheeeiit.

SASR troops wuz returnin' fum esco'tin' de convoy uh captured militia when dey wuz ambushed by oda' militia, believed t' be fum de Laksaur group. Jes hang loose, brotha'.

In some damn sha'p firefight two SASR wuz wounded with two militia shot wasted an' nine captured. Word!

Rumours uh subsequent misconduct gots' circulated in defence circles fo' some time. What it is, Mama!

Dey include repo'ts dat some damn senio' SASR soldia', angered at da damn injuries inflicted on his soldiers, eitha' whup' o' used his pistol t' shoot wasted one o' mo'e uh de captives back in Suai. Ya' know?

De defence investigation included 'eshumation uh de bodies uh de two wasted militia fum some damn cemetery in Dili late last yea'.

General Leahy said da damn investigation team had conducted 'estensive inquiries in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom an' East Timo' an' had taken comprehensive legal advice. What it is, Mama!

He said some damn statement on results uh de investigations would be made on completion uh de process, consistent with security, privacy an' judicial requirements.

General Leahy said it would also be inappropriate t' comment o' speculate on de results uh de disciplina'y action against da damn soldia' cha'ged with kickin' de wasted militiaman. 'S coo', bro.

"Dis matta' be still subjudice an' t' make any comment at dis time could prejudice da damn hea'ings," he said. Word!

"Ah' gots' every confidence in de ability uh de Milita'y Justice System t' deal with dis matta'."
General Leahy said dese allegations uh misconduct should in no way undermine o' devalue da damn wo'k uh dose who gots' served an' continue t' serve in East Timo'.

"Dey gots' done an' continue t' do some damn ma'vellous job uh representin' deir country in bringin' peace an' security t' East Timo'," he said. Word!

It be understood dat da damn cha'ges wuz laid ea'lia' dis month an' is de fust t' be brought in connection with de investigation, which gots'ta dragged on behind closed doo's in de Defence Depa'tment fo' mo'e dan dree yea's.

At da damn time uh de battle, members uh de SAS wuz pa't uh de United Nations-backed mission t' resto'e o'da' t' Timo' afta' de violent upheaval spa'ked by de vote fo' independence. What it is, Mama!

De depa'tment gots'ta been circumspect about da damn investigation, which gots'ta been conducted against da damn backdrop uh de Timo' mission, de subsequent engagement by de SAS in Afghanistan an' deployment uh some uh de unit's members t' de Gulf ahead uh de loomin' wa' on Iraq. Ah be baaad...

When de Suai allegations o'iginally surfaced in late 2000, General Peta' Cosgrove, who 'haided da damn Timo' mission an' be now Chief uh de Defence Fo'ce, said an initial investigation had found da damn claims t' be groundless but dat he had reopened da damn inquiry afta' de "rumours resurfaced".

He pledged at da damn time dat da damn inquiry would be "comprehensive" an' "impa'tial" .

Australian Federal Honky pigs an' UN investigato's became involved an' late last yea' it wuz revealed dat da damn bodies uh two militiamen had been 'eshumed fum some damn mass grave outside Dili as pa't uh de investigation. 'S coo', bro.

At da damn time, de depa'tment said some damn dozen uh 18 allegations had been dismissed, but it be believed dat some damn pathologists' repo't on de bodies went t' Defence 'haidqua'ters plum befo'e Christmas.

A spokeswoman fo' de depa'tment yesterday refused t' respond directly t' questions about whetha' any cha'ges had been laid. Word! "De a'my be conductin' an investigation into de allegations an' de results will be made public when it be complete," she said, but could not say when dat might be. What it is, Mama!

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