Tuesday, 03 January 2006 By Chato
Can you trust your intelligence
to protect you?
Do you know what is really in
your best interests?
Are you looking for an even
stronger drug?
Are you eating more crap and
enjoying it less? I keep on hearing crap stuff
from our lords and masters.

First crapness was hearing
british politicians on the BBC
world service gushing about
the "beneficial" lowering of
wages that mass immigration has
brought to Britain.

Second crapness was hearing
that the "freedom" tower was
soon to be built in New York.

Are they kidding, are these
truly creative forms of mind
bending, or are they crapping
in our mouths while they insist
it is really chocolate?

Somebody please exterminate some
of these obscene cunts before
words lose all of their meaning.

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