Wednesday, 29 February 2012 By Patriot

The leaking of top security information during war time is treason; no ifs or buts. The scandalous behaviour of Julian Assange and his band of misfits in Wikileaks has put our brave boys and girls on the front line in the War on Terror in mortal danger. He and his terrorist-supporting organisation must be dealt with immediatley; before they cause anymore damage to our cause.


Spot the difference: One is a go getting entrepreneur, the other a traitor.

Of course the loud mouth latte sippers will wail and moan about any action against him. He has their support because like them, Assange has nothing but an ideology of anti-Americanism and anti-free enterprise. Both are allergic to hard work and love the sound of their own voices. But we are dealing with matters of life and death, and freedom. It is time to be firm against these 5th column supporters of terrorism.



Another Assange supporter.

Hopefully Obama will show a bit of backbone for a change and ignore the clamouring of his loony lefty supporters. Arrest Assange now and terminate his rogue organisation.


With extreme prejudice.


God bless,


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