World Leaders Pretend

Friday, 06 October 2023 By International Relations Scholar

Hey! Check out these guys...

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Two of the World's mightiest leaders.

Deep in conversation. In a passionate polemic with each other, maybe about the future of our world. Or perhaps on how to solve the 'Hamas' problem.


Both with a rise in their strides.


Narendra Modi. A steely eyed, lentil slurping renegade. Ready to set loose the Indian Tiger on to our World of Misery.

Joe Biden. His whole life has been leading up to this. Ever since he stumbled onto the shores of Omaha Beach to liberate Israel, he has known that God has lead him to this destiny.


As our Uni-Polar world collapses, it is good to know that we still have World Leaders we can depend on.

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But it would be a good idea to keep your domestic goods safe, just in case they are not up to the task.

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