Wednesday, 27 November 2002 By Agitprop

The Bush Gang just keep screwing everyone, including the ignorant citizens of the almighty USA!

And as Bush continues to threaten pissant Iraq, poor bloody Afghanistan continues down the gurgler!

Bush and co never gave a shit about the suffering of the people there under the Taliban. When Bush couldn't get his own way re the Taliban "guest" Osama bin Butcher, THEN the U.S. just bombed the shit out them, civilians be damned.

The United Nations reckons the reconstruction effort alone will cost between $10-15 billion, on top of the billions needed to address the humanitarian crisis.

Bush brags about the "true strength of character and kindness of the American people," in aiding Afghanistan, talking about the Fund for Afghan Children which raised $10.5 million from U.S. school kids.

Yeah, great, but pissant compared with the hundreds of millions spent during the last presidential election campaign. And it's a sick joke compared to the estimated $2.5 billion Bush and co. still spend each month to prosecute the war.

Meanwhile, rotten regimes like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and Turkey are key U.S. allies!!!

U.S. troops in Afghanistan are being fired on by Al Qaeda an average of three times a week. There has been a ten-fold increase in opium production in the past year, thanks to the drug lords in the Northern Alliance leadership and their U.S. allies who helped boot out the Taliban.

Among other shady characters, the Yank military are actively backing Ismail Khan, a warlord in western Afghanistan with a disastrous human rights record. But U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld describes this thug as "an appealing person."

Puppet President Hamid Karzai's government is so shaky the natty dresser needs three separate security details: his own, U.S. Special Forces, and personnel from a private military company called DynCorp.

Wherever that butcher Bin Laden is hiding, he's got to be laughing like a drain, watching the predictable Yanks digging Democracy?s grave in their hypocritical "war on terror".

God, if only ordinary Americans knew more about the world beyond their own back yards.

If only that shifty moron Bush Jr had choked on his fucking pretzel!
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