What Goes Around...

Friday, 19 July 2002 By blix
In a cold and calculated act of revenge the near bankrupt and essentially corrupt USA invaded Afghanistan, an impoverished but sovereign state already devastated by two decades of war. Grotesque as the fuckin Afghan Talibaniacs were they had nothing to do with Sept 11 mass murder or were even unique in a world full of corporate horror -and anyway the fuckin world stood by and approved... great excuse now for every shitty regime on Earth to jail or kill its opponents (just call 'em terrorists) more innocents murdered there now than in NY... so proving yet again that anything goes... and what goes around cums around.. Ok so I'm startin tto rave but don't cry for me... its all greed and fear, avarice and malice and what price a lucrative oil pipleine, fuckem all, let it all go down in flames... are you listening?

But grab a cold beer, turn off the telly, and go outside tonight, look up at the shimmering stars and ignore tomorrow. Do you feel safe now?
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