What we can look forward to with President Trump

Friday, 20 January 2017 By Working for the Clampdown

IN all honesty it is hard to predict the probabilities when the possibilities are endless.

FOR SURE it is the new dawn. Of a new day. 

AND we have a new leader of the free world...

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Like the self-flagellating Shia, your average idiot American voted Trump for their sins.


Look at him. Standing proud. Upright against all the nay sayers and haters.


Looking out over the adoring crowds.


Perhaps God himself will add some spectacle?


First up, Mr President, I want some new spectacles.

So I can gaze upon a new earth. Filled with love and hope...


Trump in is a win. For this guy.


...or crushed beneath Capital's wheels.


Mr President, can you deliver the goods?


"I stand here as the imp of the now. A trolling good time can be guaranteed. For the woken few it will be the laugh of a lifetime. For the rest I don't care much"


Hey Prez. here is me mum. Dying and broke. Of course, for you, she gave her vote ...


Gunna give me something in return?

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