Friday, 09 June 2006 By Green Haired Jim
A magnifying glass burning the tip of my dick under the burning Caribbean sun...

Cap'n was a lazy man. Most days he stayed in his cabin and had his pecker gobbled by the red haired Daisy twins Larry and Barry.

Me mother had a mustache.

On the occasions when he mounted the bridge he would place the spyglass to his eye and hold his dick in his other hand...his strides would ride down to his ankles...paradises he saw, beaches filled with waving topless native girls...meanwhile he would flagellate himself furiously...
I can remember on one tour of duty... I was up in the crows nest helping to pilot our ship through the filthy waters round Jamaica...most of the lads were on deck and enjoying each others company..."Ahoy" I cried as a large reef loomed. The Cap'n removed his dick from the cabin boys mouth and sprang into action, grasped the steering wheel, and battling bad wind and ill fortune, saved our vessel from a dreadful tragedy..."Boys," he cried "I feel good, let's hit Kingston with rock hard cocks and fuck every whore till they bleed!"

Robot whores for robot men.

Once finished he called for Jim to return, flopped out his semi-erect pecker and had the lad finish his job...

The sky was rank with fear.

Kingston in those days was even more ramshackle than it is nowadays. Buildings held themselves up god knows how. At the end of each street the whores would gather and call out to the boys.

My eyes grew misty in the hot haze.

I’d earned a dollar, so by fuck, I was gunna use it! I got me a beautiful African queen, with tits like melons and a ripe red split. But it was forever calling me; so I told her to flip over and plugged her poo hatch.

I joined the rest of the lads and we drunk the sweet rum of this paradisic isle, I gambled me wages away. Anything to be with the boys. Awoke on the beach with Green Haired Jim and we watched the sun come up over Montego Bay. I had a feeling that we were not alone. The sand rubbed me scrotum red raw; the only thing between me and the void.

Green Haired Jim stood and stared down the beach. “Better hurry, ships about to leave.”
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