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Where is the rain?

Created: Saturday, 21 April 2007 Written by Chato
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Did they not have enough faith?
Have they mightily displeased their Lord?

They have prayed. They voted for John.
They offered-up the lives of pensioners
as votive offerings to the gods of rain.
They punished the bludgers. They trusted
the market forces. They trusted John.
They drank infected sewage. They gave the
USA the FTA. They burned Baghdad babies.
They have ignored inflation and massive
household debt. Their brains went out with
the garbage, or fed the dog.

They did everything they were told to do.

Where is the rain?

How did they get it wrong?

Oh Lord, why have you deserted them?
In what way did they fail to please you?

Will prophet John "The Craptist" show
them the true way to tread the path of
righteousness for one last time, again?

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episode of "Australia the land that rain forgot."