Created: Tuesday, 17 April 2007 Written by God Botherer
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At the epiphany of life is death. The mere transition from one quantum state to another. Like a super conducting bath your brain is flooded with electrons, once the big sleep comes they are switched off for good.

Modeling such behavior can be done by placing pure elemental metals into baths of liquid nitrogen. With a quantum-phase switch they can become superconducting entities radiating pure energy, not unlike ones own mind encased in its cranial calcium cavity. The alignment between the macro and nano does rely on critical shifts in the statistical mechanical behavior of these parts.

For instance.

When one removes the elemental metals from the liquid nitrogen the superconductivity does not die instantly, it survives a fraction of time. A trifling of a second. Now this amount of time may seem like nil to us but, like the difference in size between man and atom, to the material undergoing this shift it will seem like an eternity.

It is all relative, of course.

Should we abandon our reductionist mindset; perhaps indulge in the fantasy of entire universal uniqueness of the mind point singularity?


Plugged into the universal ether our bodies strive to reach perfection.

But perhaps no. Our intellect is now already struggling against the boundary between life and death; between our consciousness and its unconsciousness. We need a new brain and a new mind to break this barrier. Once the door of perception has been entered it cannot be locked again. Our self-assembling bag of molecules, that can replicate and mutate itself simultaneously, has driven our thoughts towards the edge of our understanding. By living the process are we beginning to understand it? Can we draw the threads of our knowledge together and bound ourselves a new cloth of comprehension?

The Universe as viewed by a single atom of niobium.

Here is a picture drawn from the cutting edge of science. It seems that to each the universe appears different.



It may be that one day our own view will be this different. Till then we crawl the floors and mutter silently into the corners.