Why you need your sport

Created: Sunday, 02 September 2007 Written by DOCTOR_BENWAY
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Control addicts know why.

After decades of slicing up people's brains
- all for their own good of course -
I have come to realize that the important
people need cheap and effective protection.
And the cheapest and best is spectator sport.

Out there, surrounding us all, are hordes
of motherfucking galoots, just waiting for
a chance to tear your heart out, then eat it.

So, if you get them to goggle at a pack of
retarded homosexuals attacking a ball, you
will buy some time. For a short while, many
dangerous idiots and potential killers will
have had their savage impulses soothed.

They are out there, and they WILL kill if
they are given a chance.
It is only a matter of time...