Sunday, 18 June 2006 By RepoMan
Australia's participation in the world cup has prompted a contingent of AFL, Rugby and Cricket stars to present a special Sunday night Footy Show live from a packed hall in Germany full of Aussies in full tilt.

The night prided itself on realising our national identity of full on yobbo antic speciality which was most enjoyable to observe lampooned and legitimised with crowd shots from bars throughout Germany.
The most powerful part of the show however was when a singer came out as a finale with an un-accompanied rendition of Waltzing Matilda.

True blue joy sprang from the crowd singing Waltzing Matilda with much agusto and aplomb, full smiles raising a rembrance of a free country that once was.

The crowd over took the amplified singer with a second repetition of the chorus and as a nation, the Aussie singers in the hall at that time and around the world watching were unstopabble in their determination and wonder and awe of what the good things about Australia were.

Whether it was an poignant masterstroke by Nine chief Eddie McGuire or just a pleasant accident. I guarantee the feeling was not lost on those in the Republican movement who will find a rush of energy from this and I lay odds that Waltzing Matilda will bolster its position as heir to the National Anthem throne.

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