Sunshine Sharps slaughter St Albans Shleppers

Thursday, 14 August 2003 By Depo Depo

Bocci BeatriceSurprising the odds on Sunday the Sunshine Sharps rolled the St Albans Shleppers at the Southern Bocci Stadium.

Terry Tinnitus tossed a tendentious tornado which turned the tournament toward the time on term.

It is understood that the ugly uproar was unrelated to the uncertainty of the umpire who actually urged the undercard to undertake the unique 'Up-shot'.

The violent victory was viewed by Vanessa Volaklusis of Violet Town.

"With what went on after that wild and wayward win we had to wipe off wet warm with whatever we could wangle!"

Xenox News' Xavier Xwereb's excellent exposé expressed xerox-like exactness.

Final Scores:
You: 0
Z-Beam: Z9

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