Created: Tuesday, 15 August 2006 Written by Chato
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Zionist medical team saves waste tissue.

In the heart of every Zionist Jooman, festers
a deep envy of the uncircumcised.

A new breakthrough technology is being applied
to the problem by Dr. Makus Sick and his
assistant, Dr. Condom Rubberstein.

The Zionist Medical Militia have wondered what to
do with the loads of used foreskins that have been
found on the various battlefields, but now the
problem is solved.

Dr. Condom Rubberstein was very excited with
the success of the new Zionist techniques:-

"There is no reason for a good Jooish boy to
feel inferior to other boys. We can stitch a
perfectly ugly old skin onto his thingy and he
can look just as disgusting as nature intended!
If we run out of skin, we can just invade any
land that has some foreskin trees growing."

Oz PM John Hogturd will be among the first to
have a full head graft with this technique.
He qualifies as a full Zionist Jooman, and he
wishes to make it even more official:-

"I pledege allegiance to the Yoo-Ess-Ay, but
Israel is always first in the space where my
heart should be."