Created: Friday, 26 May 2006 Written by Chato
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Oz saved in the nick of time.

Just when it looked like the southern
Empire of Greed would choke on its own
farts, a selfless, mild-mannered little
suckhole of a PM, has revealed himself
as super-powerful Radioactive Ratman,
with his boy-wonder sidekick, the clever
Plutonium Pete.

The dull Oz citizens were already very
grateful to Uncle Suckhole for welding
Oz to third-world prosperity. How very
amazing it is, that Uncle Suckhole in
his new guise as Radioactive Ratman,
will help his people save on light bills
by becoming lights unto themselves,
as they will glow in the dark for free.

The Howardland regime is now suddenly
wedded to the idea of the green energy
that was liberated by Chernobyl - the
wonderful blue glow of wild uncontrolled
radioactivity, helping in raising house
prices, and lowering wages with nothing
but some trifling radioactive emissions
and a few trillion dollars invested.