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It's in the regolith!

Created: Tuesday, 28 May 2002 Written by max
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A new discovery may finally answer the question that has puzzled Mars researchers for decades.

US spacecraft "Mars Odyssey" has apparently detected massive quantities of frozen water just below the planet's surface. The spacecraft has been orbiting Mars since late last year.

It has found evidence that just below the Martian surface there are great sheets of ICE.

Early close-up pictures of Mars showed a barren wasteland of deserts and craters, canyons and dried up river beds.

Clearly, water had once existed on the Red Planet, but where did the hell did it all go?

The answer is in the regolith, the layer of loose rock and dust on the planet surface.

Researchers believe that if life had developed on Mars, it might still exist in the moisture underground.

If it looks anything like Marvin, we'll let you know.

NASA had planned to announce the historic discovery next week but the news was leaked to a Brit newspaper.