Created: Sunday, 29 January 2006 Written by Chato
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Probing a new enlarged ANUS Responding to urgings from his
globalist, corporate masters,
John Worthless Filth may sign-on
to replace the old defunct ANZUS
treaty with the ANUS treaty.
(A_ustralia N_eeds U. S.)

The rotted-out little american
suckhole and Oz quisling got very
excited as he explained the new
elastic ANUS treaty.

"The new treaty will allow Oz to
accomodate larger, deeper, and more
forceful intrusions from our large
and firm friends. I have always
adopted a relaxed and receptive
posture for friends. I have bent
double, and I have always received
cargo from their horns of plenty,
with my ports open to all their
upstanding ships."

At this point the slimy little
Suckabilly House parasite had to
chase his diseased rectum which had
made a break for it and was trying
to defect to Iran or Cuba.