Canberra- A city Befuddled and Bewildered

Created: Tuesday, 03 December 2013 Written by EyeOnOz
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Look out! The trolls from far off Fuckwit Mountain have arrived in Canberra!


abbott surly opus

Head Orc - PM Tony Abbott

Most of the time, the nation’s capital has seemed a pleasant little hidey hole. Away from the rigors of the real world; it is a cute little place surrounded by wooded fields and glaciers. In fact it has long been called a fairyes paradise. Which is probably why they legalized gay marriage.


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Like a nightmare come to life - Minister for Education Christopher Pyne


But as they say, the times are a changing. And the election of the new conservative coalition government has heralded changing times for this town. In fact it appears the bad goblins have arrived. With Head Orc PM Tony Abbott in charge, the axe is being swung and the tiny folk of this tiny burg are scurrying in all directions.


clown babrnaby

Indeed it is becoming a nightmare for the denizens of Canberra; with house prices plummeting, jobs getting pruned and plans for schools to be closed. Rumours of government sell offs are rife and even the ultimate is being whispered; that the whole town will be sold off to the IPA who will use it as a village for ‘libertarian’ experimentation.



What's a fairytale without a wicked witch?The Speaker of the House Bronwyn Bishop.


The rest of Australia is watching in stunned silence. They are waiting with bated breath to see what the next move by the Abbott government will be, in what is fast becoming a fucked up fractured fairytale for us all.