Created: Wednesday, 12 October 2005 Written by Chato
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Is this the text of a speech
written for our shifty-eyed
leader and meant to prepare the
public to surrender their souls
to national "reform" and receive
the mark of Cain whilst their
neo-fascist leader absolves
himself in advance from
premeditated mass murder?
The text begins:

As you all know by now, there
comes a time in the life of a
nation when its people are called
by a higher destiny to become a
fierce band of brothers who hunt
down the weak, without having to
face the awful realization of
what they have done.

At such a time a man steps
forward. A man who knows his
duty. A man of some utility. A
useful man who simply follows
orders and so is always absolved
from blame. A man who can
reassure those who may hesitate
to do "what needs to be done" and
whose hands are always clean.
A moral man.

It is now such a time, and I am
such a man.

Trust me when I tell you that
now, as never before, our nation
bears the humiliation of a
parasitic underclass. A class of
morally weak sub-beasts who
without shame draw sustenance by
sucking the pure blood of the
taxpayers with their slobbering
impure mouths without in any way
serving the nation's noble
aristocracy or its Heaven-sent
monarchs. As never before we need
those who will do what needs to
be done!

I can assure you that filthy
impure vermin threaten property
values and may cause interest
rates to rise as they sneak about
at night in the shadows and raise
petrol prices while you sleep.

Who will do what needs to be

This is an intolerable situation
and we must not flinch from our
duty. We must thrust forward our
belligerent lower lips as we set
the executioners to the task of
implementing a solution - a final
solution. It is not compassion to
help the weak to live. Nay! It is
true compassion to shorten their
days in hard servitude to their
masters, and thereby uplift the
glory of the nation. I hereby
declare the weak and sick to be
fair-game! Cast aside weakness
and join with me in this glorious
blood-sport. Let me assure you
that they are not human!

Do what needs to be done!

For far too long have the strong
and noble of the land foregone
some swift and profitable
speculation simply so that some
useless mouths can be fed to live
another miserable day.

Enough! We shall not take it any
longer! Weaklings begone!

We must do what needs to be done!

The old. The sick. The poor. The
unruly and disobedient. Those
with unusual or impure ideas. The
rebellious young. Those who
dispute the rule of authority.
The lazy homeless. The greedy
poor. The ones who refuse
degrading work. The writers of
impure works. Those who produce
decadent art. Philosophers who
claim that Truth is indifferent
to the strong. Those who dispute
the rule of property. Those who
promote the subversive ideas of
equality, rights, and justice.
The mentally unstable. Those who
practice unofficial science.
Those who dispute the necessity
of constant violence.
Weaklings of all kinds.

None of these sub-beasts with
their soiled bodies and their
lustful, degenerate characters,
will be allowed to infect,
pollute or degrade the pure
strong essences and bodily fluids
of the nation's property owning
folk or their wealthy heirs.

We will do what needs to be done!

My regime defends and typifies
the stern, cruel purity of our
noble kind, and we will not
tolerate those that shield the
weak from receiving the natural
justice of the strong, and I am
merely very humbly serving the
will of the cruel and strong,
and I am not to be blamed for
anything whatsoever. If there are
any treason trials, I was having
a piss when all the bad stuff was
happening. I am a very moral man,
and it was the others that did
what needed to be done.