Created: Tuesday, 26 July 2005 Written by Chato
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A backup plan for the faithful
takes shape. In response to worries that the
father of the Howardland may not
be the Messiah and that the
real-estate bubble may not be the
promised land, the faithful have
been seen constructing a huge idol
in the bible-belt of Sydney.

The massive back-up fetish will
eventually dwarf typical icons of
the usual religions and is sure
to create a sense of awe in those
who worship it.
Based on a plan provided by a
right-wing think tank, the IPA
(Institute of Pathetic Affairs)
the icon will take the form
of a huge rubber chicken on a
giant stick, according to
Professor Scrotum of the IPA.

"We deemed it necessary to
provide a backup object of faith
because the masses could turn
nasty if the current icons are
revealed to be total crap."
said the professor.
"It will be draped with flashing
multi-coloured lights, and an
audio system will play loud chook
sounds. It should secure the
faith of the masses for the
neocon cause easily."