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Created: Thursday, 26 May 2005 Written by Chato
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P.M. will fast-track brave new
LABOUR REFORMS to follow in the
wake of successful trials of
detention centres. The Purulent Malignancy,
Judas W. Himmler, in a bout of
wine-induced candour, gave us a
glimpse of the future:

"As a proud American and deputy
sheriff of Ostrichlia, can I say
that the best is yet to come!
My holiday camps for bludgers
will become the way welfare and
labour issues are handled with
the very highest corporate

"In my opinion this will be the
perfect FINAL SOLUTION to the
problem of the racially-impure
bludger species."

As urine ran down his trembling
geriatric leg and filled an
expensive taxpayer funded shoe,
the aged moral-retard spewed more
Nasty Party venom -

"You may call me a hypocrite, a
Nazi, or a filthy little monster,
a sociopath, an unflushable turd
perhaps, but I prefer to regard
myself as among the chosen of my
Lord Jesus, but I digress, let me
say that in my WELFARE CAMPS the
guests shall receive fair pay,
and any urge to escape from the
regime of stern and fair work
conditions will be controlled by
state-of-the-art security, with
razor-wire and gun-towers - all
for their own welfare of course."

"I am especially proud of the
chemical therapies that help the
guests adjust to the long days of
enforced fairness. It is only a
matter of time before all Aussies
will enjoy my holiday camps -
after all, we are at eternal war
with a spooky invisible enemy and
no fair sacrifice is too much for
you bludgers to make."

"We of the Nasty Party know we
are on the right track because
public silence is equal to public

The very well-paid loser and
relaxed leader of the opposition,
Dim Bulbzly praised the new
regime of fairness -

"I don't know how the P.M. does
it, but the Labor Party tried to
bring fairness to the workers and
the poor in Ostrichlia, and we
failed every time."
"We all have a moral duty to
bring the bludging Ostrichlian
labour force into line with fair
third-world standards."

"Thank the Good Lord Judas that
at last the Labor Party has stood
aside and allowed the true
professionals to bring stern
justice and hard fairness to the
bludging people at last!"