Created: Thursday, 19 May 2005 Written by Chato
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Aussie P.M. condemns attitudes of
the OZ underclass over new tax
changes that benefit the truly
productive elites
Ostrichlian Prime Misery and
arse-grooming lickspittle of
powerful corporate interests,
Jaundice W. Horror, chastised
those who are too shell-shocked
to even moan in pain:

"I have some advice for the
bludging poor, sick, and homeless
of Ostrichlia - just shut up and
get back to enjoying your
"Your misery is an important part
of Nasty Party reforms. It was
carefully engineered by us, so we
will not tolerate your envious
wanting what the other guy has."

"We of the Nasty Party are guided
by the stern ethic of wanting to
get ahead, of a deeply productive
wanting what the other guy has."

The compassionate self-made
exemplar of all that is
magnificent in man, belched-up
some of the taxpayer funded and
expensive wine over his shirt,
soiled his pants and droned on:

"Now I didn't actually HEAR any
envious remarks from the rotten
underclass, but I am sure that
they envy the opulent nobility of
the winning elites."

"I have given you a fine, noble,
patrician class - those that need
not toil for their money - a true
Bunyip Aristocracy to look up to."

"What more could you bludgers
possibly want?"

The dim voice of the Labor Party,
barely audible, was heard:
"We have no problem with that..."