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Created: Wednesday, 23 February 2005 Written by Lordy Lordy Lordy
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Australian Prime Minister John Howard announced today that Australia was to send a further 450 troops to Iraq to protect Japanese soldiers and “build schools”. Obviously the seventy year old PM (the world’s second oldest leader after the Pope) must think he has a country of idiots because this is the most obvious cock and bull story of all time! How many more schools do they have to build in Iraq? One for every child???

Maybe he means they will be rebuilding all the schools in Fallujah the yanks just liberated to rubble?

And what a laughable proposition that this was a request from the Japanese PM. What a very special freedom the COW rabble have brought to Iraqis; where the leader of one foreign government can invite the leader of another foreign country to send their troops there for a year without even asking the Iraqis!

Thank you very much Messrs Bush, Blair, and old fart Howard!

It’s obvious that this is a direct request from Presidential Dimwit Dubya. Having lead such a successful invasion and occupation the yanks now need to scrape up any bit of support that they can get. With every other nation in the legendary “Coalition of the Willing” bailing out Dubya knew that the doddering pissant John Howard would surely be there at ready when asked.

And the worst thing about that 70 year old worm Howard is how he has to lie again about why the troops are going. He hasn’t even got the guts to admit the real reason! Why can’t he just come out and say the Yanks asked and I agreed?!? Christ, he won the fucking election. What’s he scared off? If he really believed in this great freedom ride in Iraq why doesn’t he come out and tell the fucking truth for once??

Whatever the reasons, 70 year old Howards’s leadership has ensured that in the coming years Australia and all Australians are knee deep in the shit that is the Middle East. When the shit hits the fan in Iran, Syria, and/or Lebanon in the next few years we will be involved. And you can be sure our brave diggers will be there to do what they do best: what other countries tell them to do!

That prick Howard has been riding his luck for too long. Sooner or later Aussie soldiers will be killed in Iraq and it won’t be the fault of the, gulp, terrorists, but solely due to the toadying of Australia’s 70 year old PM.

And that should not be forgotten.