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Created: Saturday, 04 September 2004 Written by Raspberry Cordial
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What the fuck! Latham wants a padlock on every penis and a nun in every home! The man has gone crazy. Over the abyss! Damn Catholics – I knew they wanted it all. Not satisfied with their primping and promping they want to control your bedroom. Well Polish Pope I will fuck whom I want when I want and wherever I want (as long as the fuckee agrees)!

Next on the tube was that Green fool Brown. Wants to ban beer but allow free Heroin! A madman. Alls I want is those hippie chicks ‘tween me legs Bobbie; but you as a poo-jabbing greenie won’t allow it. No. Not at all.

Damn. Now I have worn out my remote.

Remember dear voters only Man’o’Steel Howard guarantees beer and porn. It is that simple.

Raspberry Cordial