John Howard right. Latham wrong (again).

Created: Tuesday, 27 January 2004 Written by Patriot
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Can anyone really believe the latest call from labor leader Latham that our PM should come out and be honest about the Iraq war is anything but a cheap political stunt?

Here is a man who in his own words demeaned the world's most powerful country by proclaiming their elected leader a fool. With that statement alone he has dismissed himself from being regarded as having any understanding of the world we live in today. Our PM acted correctly on the information given him. He made a difficult decision that had to balance the concerns of sending our brave Aussie diggers into danger against the concern that a rogue state would use its facilities to enable the use of terror against the civilized world. A state that had the record of using poison gas on innocent civilians; that paid terrorists to blow up innocent Israeli civilians. A man who had a despicable record of human rights abuses and sometimes wouldn't pay on time for our wheat!

We know that the world of intelligence and spying is often not 100% correct. And it is certainly easy for the gainsayers to now claim that they knew all along that Iraq had no WMDs. But what if they did? That was such a terrifying threat that up until Iraq was liberated I sat in the outside dunny squirting all night long. Our PM had to act! Otherwise the consequences were truly horrifying! Imagine Bali but with anthrax! Attacks in Ankara with nerve gas!

And true to his word the PM is sticking to his guns. He knows he had to stand shoulder to shoulder with President Bush and PM Blair against the appeasement of that mass-murdering dictator Saddam. And as the people of Iraq move down the road to democracy you can be sure that they won't be saying thanks to those in the west who were quite happy to let that evil Saddam stay in power. They know that after the current hiccups peace and prosperity is just around the corner. And they know this because men of character such as John Howard have told them.