Friday, 13 July 2001 By TOM TITMOUSE


Tom Titmouse Expose.


SO it has come to this. The wonderful people of the all so nice Eastern suburbs of Melbourne are to decide who will go into this year's election as favourites. Well I live out here. Let me take you on a tour of the place…


First drive up the Burwood Hwy and visit Knox. Look at the vermin that populate this place… What a hell hole…their shit don't stink! Obviously yours does if you don't live here!..And all they do is whinge that they can't drive their fucking car from a to b in 5 minutes…at any time of the day…whenever they like.

Lubricate a stick…make it sharp…ram it up them where it hurts!

Next stop is some pretty little ¼ acre property. Picket fence. Trimmed hedges. Grass cut to pinpoint accuracy. I invite you dear XenoxNews reader to visit. Stand on their lawns. Then drop your tweeds, squat, and deposit something worthwhile on their glorious garden.You know they're gunna vote for that four-eyed little dickhead so give them what they deserve.

Aston is middle Australia in a toilet bowl. Constipated.

'No wogs here!'… 'For godsake chain up all those immigrants trying to invade our lovely little country!'… And watch them squeal if they have to pay taxes to support their little nirvana…their slice of heaven at the foothills of the Dandenongs. If you needed a demonstration of the politics of the lowest common denominator this is it. It is definite proof that democracy doesn't work. Thinking is too hard for this lot. You can almost see their wheels turn over as they are asked questions on TV…

I predict the highest informal vote ever! These people are morons!


As for the candidates, well you get what you deserve. I'm gunna vote for the Dope man. They articulated a clear position. Give me the right to remain a dickhead. Legally. At least they are honest! Drop the bomb now. No-one will notice the difference.

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