Friday, 18 June 2004 By Max Gross
The Bush League's Global Reign of Error

So the 9/11 Commission that US Presidud GW Bush tried his best to stymy has blown away the last shred of "credibility" the flaky crackpot might have had left: no Osama-Saddam connection. But we knew that. And so did the Bush League.

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Meanwhile, back in the benighted colonies Downunder, our very own sputtering, glowering Defence Blister Robert Hill says we Aussies didn't join George in attacking Iraq because of any purported Osama connection.

Hell, no! We wouldn't start a war over such unsubstantiated hogwash, no way, mate!

We did it because of Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction"...

Er, pardon?

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Could someone please show me again where they actually are? The Bushies were adamant: they KNEW. At least, until they conquered the poor fucked-up country. Now, it seems, they don't.

Ha! April fool! Or would that be September fool?

But oh, the melodrama Downunder! Our Foreign Mincer Alexandra Downer got all hissy when Labor attacked the Howard regime over these and other such minor war story details, such as the government fudging the issue of US torture of Iraqi prisoners.

It's all "smear, innuendo, and lies", the affronted Dowager pouted, butter apparently in no danger of melting in her mendacious mouth.

But it WAS smear, innuendo and lies that got us into this bloody mess in the first place!

Coincidentally, SMEAR, INNUENDO AND LIES just about sums up George, Tony and wee-willy-Johnny's reign of error. They could each wear a word each o­n little signs around their necks: the three wise flunkies.

Is it any wonder that a poll commissioned by Iraq's "Coalition Provisional Government" last month - but not released to the poor old befuddled American public - found that most Iraqis would feel safer if US troops just pissed off.

This was Gross for Xenox News, and boy do I need a fucking holiday. Cheers!

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