Pastor Scott Morrison: The Devil You Know

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 By Max Gross

This morning Scott Morrison – Sideshow Scott, Scotty from Marketing, the Liar from the Shire, Bullshit Boy, Pastor Disaster – was censured by Parliament, the first former Prime Minister in Australia’s history to be officially and thoroughly condemned by his peers, the condemnations set in Hansard, forever.

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Screw the meek…

Was he contrite? Did he apologise? Did he show any sign of humility? Not a skerrick. The staggering conceit! The bizarre gibberish! The monstrous narcissim! Morrison really doesn’t give a shit because he is “God’s Chosen“!

The Guardian reported online: ‘Scott Morrison has been censured by the House of Representatives after offering fresh defences for his failure to disclose extra ministerial appointments and accusing the government of pursuing the “politics of retribution”. Australia’s 30th prime minister, who led the Coalition to an election loss in May, told the lower house it was “false” to equate his decision to administer colleagues’ departments with appointments as minister, and claimed if he had been asked he “would have responded truthfully about the arrangements”.’

Morrison’s conceit and self-delusion was never more prominent than during his whacko speech, stemming as it does from his bizzare Pentecostal “faith”, his Dominionism, his goal of fulfilling the so-called Seven Mountains Mandate.

Compounding the disgrace and demonstrating – not for the first or last time – just how low they have plummeted and just how much contempt they have for what passes for parliamentary democracy in this country, the LNP Coalition voted against the Labor government’s censure motion. Just one LP member voted in favour of it and crossed the floor to vote with the majority of MPs.

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The Coalition has now confirmed beyond all doubt that it has no interest in transparent and accountable government. It has shown us that it is a dangerous rabble of self-serving Christo-Fascist crooks, creeps and crackpots that pose a threat to democracy. In effect, Scott Morrison said in his lengthy, convoluted and typically self-aggrandising defence that he was “proud” to be censured by Parliament. In his batshit crazy attempt to rewrite history, he obviously thinks we just did not appreciate his noble self-sacrifice and hard work as prime minister!

Scotty the Savior! Scotty the Messiah! Saint Scotty the Martyr! That would fit right in with his sociopathy. Jesus wept!

He blathered about his imagined successes in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, but his disdain for parliamentary processes and procedures was as clear as his disdain for the general public. Like six-year-old caught stealing bickies, he yammered that it was “strange” to describe his power grab – secretly swearing himself into five ministries – as a power grab.

As for his “future plans“? Does he imagine a political comeback, a… resurrection?

Yes, Sideshow Scott’s bizarre narcissism derives from his religious extremism, as anyone paying attention would have long ago realised. Morrison wants Australia to be a theocracy.

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Today, Morrison once again pissed down our collars and made it crystal clear that he considers the historic censure motion against him nothing more than water off a virtuous, faultless and devout duck’s back. There are no personal or legal repercussions.

And, just like that, the perambulating smirk gets away with it and the odious remnants of the LNP line up to congratulate him.

Perhaps a Royal Commission would be more effective? What about the newly minted National Anti-Corruption Commission? The legislation was passed today and the commission will be established next year. Will Sideshow Scott still be around? Will he still be lounging on the backbench, noodling on his phone, sneering and smirking at parliamentary proceedings?

Yet, despite total mass media support from the yellow press of the Murdoch/Stokes/Costello factory farms, the LNP’s nationwide demise as a political force is almost complete.

Bring on the NSW state elections so we can wipe out these sanctimonious, mouth-breathing RWNJs once and for all!

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