The Crucifixion of Tony Abbott

Created: Monday, 17 August 2015 Written by Digger

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Has there ever been an Australian Prime Minister who has had to cop as much flak and negative nay saying as our Tony Abbott?


Is Tony Abbott Australia's greatest ever Prime Minister?

Of course not!


Ever since he won the overwhelming support of the majority of fair dinkum Aussies back in 2013, he has had to cop unrelenting abuse and biased reporting. There has been insistent whining from the latte sippers, which has in turn been amplified by the biased lefties at the ABC. Every day they fill the airwaves with nonsensical negative stories about the Abbott government. It is a disgrace!

Now we have the sideshow of allowing the fairies at the bottom of the garden the right to get married. Rubbish about this is being pumped out every day from the anti-Australian lefties at the Fairfax press and ABC. Hasn’t the Abbott government got enough to do already without worrying about this nonsense? If Adam and Steve really want to get married so much they can piss off over to those places that let them do it already.

abbott man  supporter

PM Abbott has strong support in the wider Australian community. 

PM Abbott is being crucified by these bastards. All of them, the media lefties, the feminist lobby, the gay lobby, the unions; all out to get Tony and his team.

Well your average fair dinkum Aussie isn’t going to stand for it much longer. They know Tony Abbott’s team has been working hard to clear up the massive debt left by the former Labour Government. And that they have successfully stopped the flood of reffos and terrorists the ALP was so happy to let arrive in our great country.

Given the fact that the Senate has been derailed by the Green clowns and Labor, Tony’s team have done amazing things. It is time for the biased media to start doing its proper job; unfair and unbiased reporting on what history will show as one of Australia’s greatest PMs, Tony Abbott.