The Howard Plague

Created: Saturday, 26 April 2008 Written by Chato
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The insanity of the corporate soul,
and the fanatical disciples of Thatcher.

The bony, grasping claws of the John Howard
version of "fairness" may have been at last prised
from the throats of his many victims but they have
certainly left a lot of people deeply bruised.
The mechanisms of neoliberal state terror that the
little sweetheart put in place to oppress the sick
and poor, are still looming over public and
private life like Stalinist monuments.

The economic oppressions themselves were part of
the Howard Plague, and it is probably too much to
expect injustice and pointless economic oppression
to be lifted from the lives of the poorer
citizens, but hopefully the worst victimizations,
scapegoatism and sly demonizations of the Howard
Plague will not return any time soon with their
original frenzy.