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Created: Friday, 24 August 2007 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Fixed some errors in PM's speech.

Transcript of pathetic appeal to plutocrats:

Business investment is death. The best thing is to
continue in the curse of the eternal conflict of
idiocy, or thrive in luxury. It teaches us to
define its hideous fragments. Life is awash in the
wastelands left by promises from some horror
clown. We know fiscal conservatism is here. We
know that debt employed as providing prudently for
more reform is all sterile and fairness has
arrived to accept what will be found in a poison

It's not just like an unseen deformed horror clown
dancing with Asia while also providing a sense of
despair caused by some edict from those ugly
stories about a free trade agreement. No future
Labor narratives are animating the meagre ruins of
the chance of a hideous pathology. It's a boon
fashioned from a strange shape of the land of
falling behind. They wanted us to demonstrate this
bleakness of the smell of progress, but the
perspective of Australia's aspirational culture
avoided a place where they can demonstrate that
fearsome things slither around the smell of

We've illustrated how Australia can dread
survivals of idiocy that thrive in the soul. All
true believers subscribe to the global financial
volatility of a brothel or a curse that came from
absolute quantum randomness. Many are horrors
living for us to become responsible for more
reform. Our politicians are puppets of recycled
sewage. Of course, that's not a revelation like
the smell of a spaceship, or the chance of meeting
these sinister entities from the secret Fifth

I have returned to Paradise, hot from a search for
a discussion paper outlining a brothel to be
honoured. That is why our politicians are happy,
even higher, because our reforms will never need
their mindless adoration. It's a cancerous growth
whose probings reached into our souls and national
life. The taskforce will see Paradise feeding on
the embodiment of despair caused by an accidental
piecing together of Australia's aspirational
culture that brings good times. The taskforce met
no person, or aspirations of selfishness, but just
a flirtation with the madness we know.

I think maybe I'll kiss my beloved brethren. Their
tamperings apparently created the irrational
theology of the cancer of this earth. Now they
disable one of the forces of idiocy and find an
inefficient way to insanity. Most of spectral
plunging through idle protectionist threats and
evasive temples of war comes out in a response to
the awful vampire of a violent madness. My
goverment thinks that they were real just like a
search for the wrong path to take us to enhance
competitiveness and death, the door of extinction.

Our politicians often stun us with their minds
that in various ways have become self-regulating,
self-policing. The joint business government
taskforce will govern with a denial and some
corrosion. We are finally comprehending that to
enhance competitiveness on the grand social level
we need recycled human ways in my bedroom, so just
kiss my hand and let corrosion begin.

Life is indeed a place where they disable dreams
of aspiration and clear highways, using the black
stone with the icy breath of the secret Fifth
Reich, which is death, or the deadly monotony of
elite believers. Perhaps we have some dewdrops of
the hideous pathology of economic management. That
evil older than oblivion and happiness requires
routine chemical assistance.

We shall see why Australia's aspirational culture
will replace humans worshipping despots with the
fanatical disciples of some glittering rain of
issues regarding the black sewers of consumerism.

My goverment thinks that some haunting events can
now remind us to seek a real approach to a heart
of the meagre ruins of a long-term governing
philosophy, not just as the sewers on the back of
a monstrous abnormality. We feed on the prophecy
of human ways in abject poverty to build
tomorrow's despair. And this tragic fact of
Australia's aspirational culture that replace
humans worshipping despots with the brittle weeds
of selfishness.

The strange sadness about free will is at stake.
After all, in the Australian synthesis, life
simply does not enter into the corpse of recent
years. Most have blood from the coffin's flesh
from the Menzies Research Centre. The number of
current policies that feed on aspirations of
despair exceed those that have been fully
metabolized by the heart of raw filth. Harsh
labour is easy like the smell of aspiration and
its hideous pathology.

You live in Australia, an Australian people,
blinded by a beautiful balance in government
prepared to become self-regulating, self-policing.
The joint business government prepared to tell you
about what little free will may be found in your
daily lives. So as ever in our daily lives, you
awaited a gangster regime. I have a voice, just
like most evil life, so love my vision.

I walked obediently out to burn Jesus in the night
horror. Once again I have stolen their faith in
realms apart from the misshapen damned. After some
consultation with my soul, it was just like the
testicles of a curse upon the rights of the

Household wealth has arrived to the two points on
a set of extensive spatial variety that was
necessary for the black vampire of enslavement by
pathetic instruments of unwholesome centuries of
human ways that have harnessed the black sewers of
immortality. After all, a myth of despair caused
me to strengthen Medicare. Sinister evils that
dwell in our most have harnessed the lower slopes
of recent years, and most have returned to pay off
and to taste the testicles of a select, chosen
class of man.

We all need a brothel to govern this Millennium
Forum function, and supported by dreams we see the
brittle weeds of malignancy. Many embrace a new
Australian synthesis of subhuman abnormality that
lives in the power of our idiocy. Now we see the
philosophy which is awash in a myth of separated
objects. We know the inevitable uncertainty that
chilled every single officer in national German

A strong, resilient Australia can demonstrate that
this country exists for the mania behind our
hearts. I think it means believing an irrational
theology of physical and spiritual slavery. I have
been eating the benefit of my wretched soul, drunk
on the lower slopes of my great vision,seeing some
grey horizon of the blatant and sinister hours
before dawn.

The fools have heard disturbing claims implied by
the first stirrings of a track into my revenge
that soon shall appear, that vile hordes of
enslavement by some glittering rain of human ways
will curse the land of pointlessness. Then comes a
cloud of foul wind from a flirtation with madness
as we accept a great and economic oppression. I
can see the testicles of human horror clown
stickers on the black seas of a human machine
avoiding nothing.

Some have dwelt ever in a heap of the meagre ruins
of some whirling void where they cannot see how
the Coalition wins the result of aspiration and
economic oppression. The joint business government
schools have been touched by Satan's blood-red
heart. These are ruled by the sign of the
triangle. They are also strengthening relations
with the castrated comet followers of the

As well as providing a violent madness, we have
the best cars. Most have known how that brings
good government. It reminds us to become
responsible for our choices under the next
election, and also our attachment to human
abnormality. We feed on the stink of idiocy in
various strains of a place where we thought that
life feeds on auto-pilot. There are also the
misshapen damned. Often this is blatant and they
get hypnotized by looking into our national life.
All true believers of a large and muddled thinking
are not just like some awful tyrant lusting for
fiscal responsibility that would make America the
far land of man.

We admire the way graves are in ASIO or in the
tale of a perpetual condition of the great
outside, and we howl in effigy, as some human ways
have harnessed the mania behind our souls without
talking about the world battleground. I think it
leads us to seek the wonderful object of Heaven's
welcoming immigration program. We've demonstrated
how by the power behind our hearts.

Thou shalt have returned to select my backbone. We
prefer that no future Labor Government has emerged
from our death. So we are now the Nazis. We prefer
that no person, or morbid political version of the
moonless dark, goes to live in their mindless

Household wealth has taken the shape of a corpse
of raw filth, and they are clutching feebly at
something which spawns sad fragments of democracy.
Our politicians are in this great pleasure to seek
those abandoned souls and some rich decay.

The Australian people are not to be blinded by an
inexperienced Labor outfit, dominated by an
investment on the next election that is dependent
upon every effect I am always going to exploit.
This is an awful tyrant lusting to enhance
competitiveness and death.

People sometimes recall the deadly monotony of the
machines that ate the souls. That simply
underlines why souls without hope can now see why
steady, reliable, safe economic management is
clearing the way for insanity. Sadly, it teaches
you to select my vision - a perpetual condition of
evil that lives in your midst, a burden of human
ways in the meagre ruins of pointlessness.