New frisk laws. Don't touch. I'm not for touching...

Created: Friday, 16 March 2007 Written by Ron
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.....because you take away my dignity. I believe they are going to allow officers to frisk you at one aussie airport if you are traveling overseas now, regardless of anything you may have done or not done. It;s irrelevant. No personal rights. All gone.

If any person frisks me at an airport and touches my clothes, I may have to live with that. If anyone touches my body, I would not like that because it diminishes my dignity. Makes me look like a criminal (especially that it is done in public), when I am a law-abiding citizen. In-fact I will consider at that time to put my fist through their mouth if they do touch my body. How would THEY like THAT?

And, because if this sort of shit is allowed to occur:,23739,21390490-952,00.html

We will get this sort of shit happening. - That's for sure:

Then they can take you away for further internal examination etc... That's what's next - and if you return, you're lucky. If you return undamaged, you are even luckier. Fucking NWO fascist cunts.