NWO Crime Card

Created: Tuesday, 13 March 2007 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Promoting Globalist Crime

It is no mystery why politicians are caught-out
periodically promoting organized crime figures as
"productive pillars of the community" who are good
because they "employ some people" or some other
specious reason. It is no mystery, because
political parties ARE organized crime, and it is
simple professional courtesy to promote crime.

There is a bigger mystery - why is the Liberal
Party, the party of "liberal" values, the party
that promotes the sanctity of the "individual",
so keen to impose the NWO ID card on the dopy Oz
public? It is hard to imagine a single act of
betrayal of "liberal values" and cynicism about
the "individual" that can match this one, and
still somehow fit the "democratic" paradigm.

It is informative to observe that in their efforts
to excuse this filthy act, Liberal Party stooges
have not come up with a single believable excuse
for imposing the NWO ID card. Incidentally, the
cost of implementing and running such personal
data control systems is a crippling burden that
the public will pay, regardless of the individual
liberty and personal inconvenience issues.

Clearly, the orders to impose this thing have come
down from "above" and the little political lapdogs
of the NWO are more than happy to obey their
globalist masters as they override their own
declared "Liberal" values for the NWO ID card.