Drinking the Rodent's Vomit

Created: Monday, 05 February 2007 Written by agitprop
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So what if Australia runs out of drinking water? Let them drink champagne - or the fizzy white domestic equivalent. After all, the Lying Rodent PM has an exclusive well-stocked tax-payer-funded wine cellar at Kirribilli...and you're all invited! Or what, got other concerns?

Rising interest rate creep getting you down?

Worried your back-packing kids might be kidnapped and incarcerated at some far-flung U.S. gulag at the whim of a zoned-out, bible-sucking fundamentalist of a President?

Puzzled by the countless dead, maimed and traumatised Iraqis we, as COW partners, are responsible for as fair-haired, fair dinkum, pure-hearted fucken "liberators" from Downunder?

Wondering what gilded Aussie values your kids can look up to by following in John fucken Howard PM's ruthless, sociopathic, cold-blooded and blood-soaked footsteps?

Have no fear, drongos, dickheads and ratbags of Australia!

Australia's PM: the Lying Rodent

We are fucken Aussies, MATE!

We will suck your dick for a dollar.

We will hock our children's futures for a fridge magnet.

We will kill anyone anywhere anytime for a seat at mad King George's rotten, gore-strewn table.

We will wallow in the fake hysteria, filth and bile of a prime minister who will lie his way into the history books as our longest serving U.S. government puppetoon.

So fuck you! Fuck you all, you drones, you clowns, you pussy-whipped, forlock-tugging fucken convict offspring.

Drink septic tank water: you fucken earned it! And thank gawd it ain't blood!

Smiling as the shit comes down...