Monday, 20 November 2006 By Chato
Milton may be dead (rot his soul), but
the Howard/Beazley axis will continue
with the unholy Friedmanite apocalypse
in the globalized Howardland future.

Don't celebrate yet! One cunt may be dead,
but Friedman not only infected the braindead
Liberal Party, but his neoliberal, neofascist,
mindset has infected the Labor Party as well.

Expect these neoliberal delights:

Citizens to be replaced by "human resources".
Democracy rendered harmless by the "system".
Citizen complaint becomes "terrorism".
Dissent to be medicated away.
Prices rise, and incomes sink.
Corporate seizure of the last public assets.
The welfare system to become a warfare system.
Crowding, with unclean water, unhealthy food.
Increasing mass homelessness.
No recognizable national culture.
Culture/race/ethnic wars.
Grossly reduced medical services.
Gridlocked transport system failure.
General infrastructure breakdown.
Polluted and violent cities.
A clueless public deep in collective coma.
John Howard knighted by the Queen.
John Howard receives Nobel Prize.
No escape.
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