Created: Wednesday, 13 September 2006 Written by Chato
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Kim shows his usual alertness.

To thunderous applause from the assorted
members of the People's Republic of China, and
the carnival of psychopathology known as the
Oz National Parliament, Kim "Bigbag" O'Shitzly
announced that he believes in forcing Oz dullards
to sign a style of contract that declares that they
will always support and promote Chinese values.
That is, if they wish to ever visit the Chinese
workers' paradise and return home with all their
bodily organs intact.

This brilliant idea is meant to advance the agenda
of the "war on bad" and the Oz "ID Stupidcard",
and was the result of an "axis of righteousness"
summit of evil clowns, comprising senior Hellsong staff,
John Hogturd, Allen of public toilet radio fame,
the Daily Tele-Crap, and Kim himself.

It was considered that the WTC demolition
celebration was the most auspicious time to
launch this pathetic turd of an idea to the
eager and weak minds comprising the pathetic
Oz once was a nation.