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Created: Thursday, 20 April 2006 Written by Chato
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Kim rallies the troops as a loving
God spreads global chaos and misery
in His ongoing, harsh but fair, war
of industrial apocalypse upon those
fragile souls who yearn for some
life, joy, or even sweet justice.

The Regime gains strength. You and
the others will be forced to make
even greater sacrifices in this final
war of the Holy revolutionary
Apocalypse, as God speaks to Saint
John and Brother Kim of the Holy
Church of the Bipartisan Immortal
Sacred Sucking Political Tumour.

Kim Bigbagofshitzly, that energetic
dynamo of Oz bipartisan politics, and
a good mate in the harsh but fair,
Brothers of Cain Club, stressed the
need to get behind the father of the
Howardland, in a typically prolix,
bowel-stirring speech meant for you
and the others:-

"The Federal Labor Party is proud to
stand behind the greatest, fairest,
and most humble-acting national
leader we shall ever see. I see my
role as the bipartisan support act
for the Howardland regime in the
tough but fair times of Globalist war
of God facing you and the others.

There is obviously not enough of
anything, to go-around, for you and
the others, in these economically
strong times, so our bipartisan
regime plans to bring many more
third-world workers into your
country. This is only because of the
shameful reluctance of the very
young, the sick, and the elderly to
put shoulders to the wheel, as Oz
surges like a putrid, burst sewer
toward the sort of great prosperity
that only comes from being a dirty,
diseased, third-world economy.

A good and necessary part of the
new prosperity will be the spreading
of pandemic disease across the
suburbs of this nation as the great
benefits of civil war begin take
hold for you and the others. I need
not explain that a civil war consumes
a lot of wealth, so we will not
tolerate any more of the bludging
that has been so popular lately among
you and the others.

It may sound harsh, but it is fair.
Oz started as a nation of the very
wretched. So logically, God must want
it to be a nation of the wretched!

Now, I am off to church with my good
and fair friend John, to wave some
crosses and receive more material
blessings from our good Lord Judas
Cain, as you and the others fight
the good and necessary fight, for
scraps, among your own kind."