Created: Thursday, 22 December 2005 Written by Chato
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Just in case you missed it. Suffering Jesus on a stick! He
was doing it again. Kim "Jelly"
Quisling had the chance to cash-in
on the latest Leperal Party scandal
during an ABC interview, but he
veered off the topic and started
to reassure listeners that there
were no serious differences between
Labor and Leperal!
The fat cunt just cannot shut his
awful stupid treacherous mouth.

With Kim Quisling promoting them we
can look forward to many miserable
years of the John Filth regime.

Here are some thoughts from others:

There's no use being angry at
this point, especially as how
there is no real alternative to
Howard. Why not direct some of
your anger at 'Me Too' Beazley,
that gutless windbag from Brand
who rolls over at anything Howard
proposes if it means taking a
stand? Beazley could have
finished Howard off long ago had
he had some gumption and
principle about him.

Behold Kim Beazley, invertebrate
leader of the ALP. Pathetic to
the nth degree.

Now last Tuesday, like some
(hopefully many) of you I
participated in the IR rally. It
was great to see the number of
people there and great to see Bob
Brown receive a larger and longer
round of applause from the crowd,
even the real blue-collar types,
then Kim "Fucking useless,
spineless bastard" Beazley.

Tonight I saw Kim Beazley on
television. I could see his lips
moving, but all I could hear was
John Howard speaking.

Beazley is weak, fat, gutless,
fat and has the wrong instincts
on everything. Next election, if
Beazley is leading the Labor
Party, I will vote Liberal.

The fat, spineless, coward is
waiting to see what Howard does.

The ALP of 2005 does not have
that leader, nor does it appear
to have any members who are
willing to stand up and say
enough is enough. I watched Kim
Beazley on the news last night
and he sickened me. Never in all
my years of following politics
have I seen a more insipid and
pathetic, spineless jelly-backed
excuse for a leader. Contrast
that with his concession speech
at the last election he led the
ALP. It was passionate and spoke
of the dark forces that were
conspiring to change our nation
forever. And not for the better.
He was right but the problem was,
that speech should have been made
at the start of the campaign, not
in conceding defeat. Then last
night there he was espousing the
exact opposite. "The Howard laws
do not go far enough". Well
perhaps Kim should go the whole
hog and switch to the Liberal
Party because as far as I can see
he looks and sounds no different
to John Howard.