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Created: Tuesday, 15 November 2005 Written by Chato
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The PM laughs it off once again
and urges the bludging robopathic
work units to get back to work
and stop the fussing about IR. The Prime Morbidity of Oz,
Uncle Suckhole, father of the
hard but fair Howardland applies
his firm but fair analysis to the
IR fuss in yet another of his
awful deceptive drones:

"Let me just say this - the
economic work units will wonder
what the fuss was all about once
they become resigned to their
shiny new IR conditions.

I say that being chained to its
workbench in the Freedom Camps
allows each economic work unit to
achieve its personal best within
the totality of globalized human
resources as a part of its work
choice in a free market thereby
removing its legal rights.

For instance, when I dudded the
Oz work units with the GST, the
simple maths needed to understand
the swindle overwhelmed the weak
intellectual capacities of the
Howardland work units who are
still wondering what the fuss was
all about while they are puzzled
about where their money went!

They never worried about being
dudded by me and my cronies
before, so I can't see why they
should worry now when it is far
too late!"