18 Months Later – Covid Australia

Created: Monday, 12 July 2021 Written by Max Gross

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In February 2020, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared a pandemic and then sat on his arse while the Ruby Princess sailed into Sydney Harbour and dispersed the novel coronavirus across the country.

Ever since, it has been a game of ‘rona whack-a-mole.

Now, the Aussie state of New South Wales has recorded 77 new locally acquired Covid19 cases, 33 of which were infectious in the community.

lnp gladysb

Gladys the Super Spreader

The total number of active cases in NSW is now 482 and rising. A 90 year old woman – unvaccinated – has died. In fact, most “elderly” Australians remain unvaccinated because of Commonwealth government failure. For 18 months the response to this pandemic has been slack if not criminally negligent.

The NSW state Premier Gladys B has persistently boasted of her “Gold Standard” ability to avoid lockdowns during this pandemic, while she and the Prime Minister hurled abuse at other states for doing so, especially Victoria. Now Victoria has declared the entirety of New South Wales a COVID19 red zone, effectively closing the border except for returning Victorian residents who will need a valid red zone permit and have to quarantine for 14 days.

The discredited, dissembling NSW Premier Berejiklian and the smirking, shirking Prime Minister Morrison continue to gamble with the nation’s health and safety.

They are gambling with our lives.

Berejiklian should resign. Morrison should resign.

But they won’t. They’ll burn Australia to the ground with the virus, just as they did during the bushfire crisis, all because of their hubris, conceit, tunnel-vision and mercenary ideology. While Gladys is just an entrenched LNP stooge in this crisis, up to her eyebrows in systemic corruption, Morrison is something else. The PM’s Pentecostal End-of-the-Worldism is the real threat.

lnp morrison sinister

The Covid Prime Sinister

Make no mistake, this is a national crisis, not just a NSW crisis. But then it always was.

Back on February 27 2020 at the start of the crisis Sideshow Scott showed his hand, declaring a pandemic yet in the same breath saying he was going to the footy anyway and we should all just do pretty much nothing.

While the world around us succumbed to the lethal novel coronavirus, our ruling Prime Minister told us ““There is no need for us to be moving to having mass gatherings of people stop: you can go to the football and the cricket and play with your friends down the street, you can go out to the concert and you can go out for a Chinese meal.”

As for the alleged Minister For Health Dreg Cunt, here was his helpful assessment that day: Hunt said Australia would now move to a “full preparation phase for all of the supply chains” and ensuring the “national medical stockpile” was sufficiently prepared for a widespread outbreak. 18 months later, just 32.9% of Aussies have had their first shot of something or other. Only 11.2% are fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Sideshow Scott PM continues to fudge, fart, hide and post selfies purporting to demonstrate his curry-cooking prowess while urgent national vaccine delivery goes down the toilet.

He is a dangerous fucking idiot.

And lurking in his shadow is an even more dangerous fucking idiot, someone without religious delusions, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

Yes, Obergruppenfuhrer Kartoffelpuffer is doing the numbers even as the ‘rona ramps up Downunder.

lnp dutton 06

Obergruppenfuhrer Kartoffelpuffer

Be afraid, folks, be very afraid.

Finally, here’s a thought.

Australia is an island continent with no shared borders and for decades the ruling LNP have boasted border control mastery, right? So how come coronavirus is even a thing here???

Now, where’s my fucking vodka!

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