The only 'Void' is the one we live in

Wednesday, 03 April 2019 By LordyLordyLordy

Heading down the dunny till the shit floats by.


I was just doing a load, and on the phone, when it passed my mind that the mythical 'Void' philosophers have been pulling from their arse for so many godamn centuries, may be in fact what we are living in now.


stoned c in c

Some of our greatest ideas have been laid when we were out of our minds.


Imagine, there is really something out there. But we aren't in 'there', cause we are in the 'Void'.

Can't smell the flowers? It's the 'Void'

Can't get a root? It's the 'Void'

Your CIA backed coup run into a dead end? It's the 'Void'


Wanna be EL Presidente

You can be sure if the cunt above was still in charge he would be backing this clown too.


So long we have been told that if it wasn't us there would just be nothingness, when in fact it is the other way round! We are the nothingness, and it is only when the 'we' is gone that the 'Void' will be too.

Fuck, so many years worring about this shit and finally it struck me like a lightning bolt to the cranium.


Feeling a lot more carefree now... I think I will light up that hooch pipe and unzip me strides.


Lord! I am freedom by being the nothing-ness!



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